A boy from Bristol, who makes little films.

I first started shooting telly in January 2013, that was on a BBC2 food show called The Hairy Bikers. Spent that snowy month trying my best to get their mucky hands in focus.

Since then, I’ve been travelling around the world shooting for Gordon Ramsay.

Interspersed with fashion. The lighting of it, the directing of models.

I’ll occasionally get technical in a studio with stop-motion food builds or glass oven time-lapses.

Sometimes I strap a camera to a gumshield and run around portraying my ‘first person’ viewpoint.

I edit little films.

I’m constantly working on development.

This industry is all I have known since 2006. I love it.

Look, if you’ve got this far, give me a shout. Maybe we could go for a cider.